Friday, September 11, 2009

In love with love . . .

So I recently came to the conclusion that I am in love with love. I love everything about it! The tingly way you feel when you're discovering it, the heart pounding joy you experience when you've found it, the disappointment and heartache when it's gone, and the complete security and freedom you treasure when you give yourself fully to it. Love really is a beautiful thing.

You know the little kids who can't get enough of their best friend and want to spend every second with them? Love. How about those teenagers who truly believe they can't go on if separated from their companion? Love. Or the couple who looks in each others eyes as they promise forever in front of everyone they know? Love. The look parents give to each other after gazing at the beautiful life they helped create? Love. The shed tears because the one person who has complete power of you was momentarily thoughtless. Love. The mom holding her daughter's hand while she gets her chemo treatment. Love. The couple who struggles through counseling because they are committed to each other and making their marriage work even though they're scared to death. Love. The letter that's wrinkled and damaged at the edges so that one could have a link with another again and again and again. Love. Or the dad who takes his son on a solo camping trip just because. Love. The couple who cries alone because their dream of holding their child has yet to be realized. Love. The couple who grieves for their aging dog because he's only ever given them joy. Love. The aged couple who still holds hands and are comfortable in each other's silence. Love. The man who visits his wife's grave and still brings her flowers even after she's gone. Love.

Two of my absolute favorite places to go are airports and hospitals. I seriously get excited every time I go to either of these locations because they are places where people run a huge gamut of uncensored emotions, many of which stem from love in some shape or form. I truly count it a privilege every time I witness a display of love. Even if those displaying it are imperfect or not healthy, I find that when I see it, I am catching a glimpse of my Maker and what He intended to be a good thing.

Does that mean it's always easy. No. I think those people we love the most are often the most difficult to love, because in order to truly love them, we have to give up ourselves, which isn't easy or popular. Often the things that really hurt us are because we love deeply. It's inconvenient when the neighboring car cuts you off, but when you get cut off by your spouse, it's much more than inconvenient- it's painful. When I discipline my boys, I don't do it because they disobeyed me and my pride's been pricked; I do it because I deeply love them and want the best for them which often means pointing out and correcting when they've done wrong as much as it hurts both them and me.

I know that not every love works out for one reason or another. I do wonder though how often love is given up on because of a feeling involved rather than a choice to be made. People will always disappoint each other, but Love never will. Maybe that's why so many give up on love because they've never let the Author of it into their relationship in the first place. It's hard to navigate something in which you know nothing about. I am grateful that when all is said and done, we haven't been left alone to come up with the rules of engagement, but have been gifted with the play book, and even more importantly been gifted with the gift of love!

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